Our Duck Story Begins in the year 2000!

Back in the year 2000, we started with a flock of 12 ducks. Eight were Rouens (related to wild mallards) and 4 were Pekins (the plump white variety). We raised them in our bathtub and then at about 2 weeks old brought them to the duck pen by the pond. At about 7 weeks, when they were ready to swim, we had a “duck release” and let them loose on the pond.

Over the winter we lost 8 ducks to coyotes, mountain lions and the road. We were sad about this but happy that 4 ducks survived. There were 2 male Rouens, 1 female and a female Pekin.

Well, Spring 2001, and nature has taken it’s course. Both females (Mama Brown and Mama White) have been sitting on their nests and being very protective of their delicate eggs and guess what? Baby ducklings have hatched from Mama Brown and they are beautiful. We don’t know what Mama White’s babies will look like for their dad is surely a Rouen but I’m sure they’ll be pretty too!

During the Spring and Summer of 2001 we lost some of our own ducklings so our hens adopted 5 babies to bring our flock back to 12. While they had plenty of algae and other food, our good natured campers and visitors would always have some bread for them. Campers were often awakened at 6am by the flock for snacks and company.