Less Ducks then More

By the spring of 2003 nature had whittled our flock down to 6 ducks when we adopted another Rouen female. Later this spring we lost Mama White to road traffic. We really miss her.


Soon after this, we released 2 new ducks to the pond. These ducks are of different breeds; One is all black and the other is mostly gray.

We call these 2 who always hang together, away from the main flock, “the teenagers”. We aren’t sure if they are boys or girls. Also, one of our Rouen moms has 9 babies who are relishing life on the pond.

The grey one is April and the black one is La Nuit but they are called Bonnie and Clyde by the staff because of their antics. (please don’t take their names as any indication of whether they are boy ducks or girl ducks) Here they are trying to get into the pool.


As of Fall 2003 we had 17 ducks. Since these were too many for the Stone Mountain Lodge pond, we just had 4 adopted by neighbors. I’m sure they’ll be happy at their new pond.  As of summer 2004 these ducks are happy at their new home.

To keep the ducks from wandering to the pool and where they shouldn’t be, we started feeding them a mix of turkey feed and corn once a day. Feeding time is a special event for our younger guests. And the ducks still have an appetite for bread.