A Pair of Canadian Geese Stop by Every Spring

During the Spring of 2004, 2 moms had 11 and 6 ducklings respectively. Of these broods, 9 and 1 survived. They enjoy hanging out together.


We have also become accustom to have other wildlife guests at our pond. A pair of Canadian geese stop by every year for about a month or two in the spring. The ducks and geese keep their distance. These geese certainly have a very different personality that the ducks!

It was a sad occasion during the early summer when our guests heard strange noises at the Pond. We later discovered that Bonnie and Clyde had been taken by a fox. The loss affected the staff greatly. On the brighter side, at least 2 of the ducklings appear to be progeny of Clyde and 1 may be carrying on for Bonnie. (Guess that make Clyde a boy duck!) And, amazingly, we now have 2 white ducks again. Isn’t nature wonderful!

Our pond is high, beautiful and full of fish this year. In addition to Our Ducks, visiting mallards and Canadian geese come by. They keep their distance from the “locals” but enjoy the free room and board!