Two Stone Mountain Ducks Immortalized!

Here’s an update in the Fall of 2005

This year we did more beautification project to our lodge. Well, two of our favorite ducks became immortalized! I took one of our best pictures of La Nuit and April, aka Bonnie and Clyde, (see our ducks during 2003), and made cutouts for our new shudders on our front office window!

Brown Girl and her babes sometimes stay separate from the other twelve but they all come to meet, greet and eat together. We recently lost 2 ducks – a pond-born and one of our 2 female Khaki’s.

It’s kind of nice to have the Pekins again as they remind us of our first flock and the Khaki Camels are a dear variety as well. Male khaki camels look like slender male Rouens but without bright green heads. Female Khaki’s are like slender lighter brown female Rouens.

One day we saw the Pekins and Khaki’s (who don’t fly as well) just watch in awe as their half-wild flock mates glided into the pond.