A Spectacular Background for Our Nuptials

“I was very happy with my experience at Stone Mountain Lodge at my recent May 1st wedding. The staff clearly put a lot of work into the grounds and the tents which paid off for a great overall impression to my guests.”

“Holly was a capable and detail oriented coordinator and kept up with my many emails, questions and requests. I had many moving parts to my wedding including out of town guests, piano rental, satellite catering service, etc. all of which were accommodated well.”

“I would encourage any bride considering this location to consult with past brides and really look into using the potential of this great location.”

“Stone Mountain Lodge was exactly what we were looking for when we envisioned our wedding. A comfy and festive place where our family and friends could join together in one of the adorable cabins, lounge by the pool, or drive into Lyons for a dinner & drinks.”

“The wedding site was so lush & green it made a spectacular background for our nuptials & we couldn’t have been happier with the new tent for our reception. The twinkle lights, the pretty drapes, the perfectly sized dance floor made for an evening we will never forget.”

“To top it off, the staff were wonderfully helpful & attentive. Stone Mountain Lodge provided a festive, flexible & flavorful place for our union & our guests.”

Thank You,

Kristi & Ryan Alexandria, VA