2009 Ducks

Due to a hungry mountain lion, we lost all our ducks by the end of 2008. Unfortunately, there was nothing we could do. It was a slow process over the summer and fall. It was quite frustrating.

As a result, we didn’t have any ducks through the winter. We decided this was a good thing, since the predator would move on, and any new ducks would have less risk. This is exactly how it turned out!

Anyway, this year we have gotten a new flock, and it was fun! As usual, they are raised in the Duck House. They are kept there for a couple of months. The first few weeks there is an infra-red lamp to keep them warm.

We decided to get a baker’s dozen of (13) ducklings mixed from the different varieties we’ve had over the years. There are Pekins, Swedish Blues, Rouens, Khaki CampbellsĀ  and others. Above left you’ll see them at a couple days old – on the right they are about 3 weeks.

Most of these ducks have survived into the Spring of 2010. In the fall, a wild duck joined the flock. She is still there. We’re hoping they breed. Ducklings in the spring are so wonderful!