Choosing Your Wedding Music

Music for your Outdoor Wedding


Music throughout your affair can go a long way in helping set the mood and style of your wedding. It can be key to setting a theme, or it can make your wedding more like an outdoor music festival. When music augments the outdoor wedding environment, all the beauty of the day is enhanced. Ideas for the type of music are endless.

A DJ can provide the most variety, yet having a live band or quartet, is hard to beat. You can certainly set a theme for your wedding with music. A jazz band, a bluegrass band, a folk singer, a sting quartet are all possibilities. Sometimes having a simple wedding, with the music you live for, can make the day. Whatever you decide, just keep in mind that the outdoors generally takes more amplification than indoors.

Music for your wedding ceremony may be set up at the ceremony site. You can have a keyboard, a string quartet, or guitarist, for example. There is power available, if amplification for music or a microphone, is desired. Music can also be provided at the garden area before the wedding ceremony. Power is also available here, as needed.

If a DJ is set up in the reception tent, music may also be provided from there. Adequately amplified music set up in reception tent can be heard throughout the wedding area, including the ceremony site and garden area, if speakers are directed in that direction. Consult with your DJ to see what’s best for you.