Taking Outdoor Wedding Photos


A large outdoor property, like at Stone Mountain Lodge and Cabins, offers incredible opportunity for creative photography. Wedding pictures can be taken around the pond with ducks, and at the ceremony site, and garden area.

But, you can also take a trip up the mountain trail for shots in the pine trees with the red cliffs in the background. There are 360 degrees of varying Colorado scenery for your photographer to be creative with, including a views of Apple Valley and the mountains to the west.

You can also take pictures with your cabin in the background, at a picnic table. An interesting thing about the Stone Mountain Lodge property is that it predominantly faces west, over looking a valley.

As a result, the sun lights up the property as the afternoon progresses. The red cliffs will glow just before sunset, and any background, including the buildings, have more clarity. Since the valley is to the west, the sun doesn’t set a quickly as in many mountain locations. And sunsets often light up the sky.

One idea to consider for outdoor weddings is to take photos at different times during the day if possible. Lighting conditions are always changing, depending on where the sun is, and whether there are clouds.

The red cliffs light up as the sun goes down, and longer shadows make scenery more spectacular. While during midday and early afternoon, you will be drenched in sunlight. This time of day is best for close-ups with almost any kind of backgrounds, including a lush green setting, the pond, the swimming pool, or in front of a cabin.

Since you have the whole day, you can work with your photographer where it makes the most sense using her talents and time, yet maybe set aside some other time to go off on your own with a good friend and your camera too.

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