Wedding Tent Layout Ideas

Here is one way the Reception Tent at Stone Mountain Lodge and Cabins can be set up. View this as if you are walking southward from the Ceremony Arbor Area to the Reception Tent. The Pond is on your right side which is to the West of the Reception Tent. This diagram is rotated and shows the Tent set up for about 150 people with a buffet.

The sides are shown as if all the sides are on and closed. Depending on your preference and the weather, some or all of the sides can be opened up. Keep in mind that wherever the sides are open, you can easily move around outside the Tent too!

The Tent includes 5′ round tables and a few rectangular tables. The white wedding chairs from the Ceremony are here too! There is a 15′ x 18′ wood dance floor. The entire floor of the tent is raised up and carpeted. It is a structural tent, so there are no poles. The tent includes lighting and 3 chandeliers on dimmers. Power is easily available. Our custom Reception Tent may be decorated in many ways. It’s a lot more fun than a ballroom!

Pond (West)


30′ x 60′ Wedding Tent for 150 people

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