Your Wedding Budget

How to Save Money for Your Stone Mountain Lodge Wedding!

Because of our unique location and very flexible policies, there are so many ways that you can have a perfect wedding yet still save money at Stone Mountain Lodge. You’ll just need to plan carefully and be prepared to make trade-offs.

Be a little creative, and don’t worry about feeling cheap. The most important thing is to have a great time with your family and friends and celebrate your new direction. Here are 6 ways to lower the Reception expenses for your Stone Mountain Lodge Wedding.

  1. Choose an “off” day
  2. Down size the day
  3. Dress down the look
  4. Limit the booze
  5. Have live and recorded music
  6. Make your own centerpieces

Not on a Saturday – If you are open to not having a Saturday evening reception, shoot for a Friday or Sunday or even a weekday affair. At Stone Mountain Lodge, Saturdays are not only booked further in advance but they are more expensive than any other day of the week. You will also find that caterers, DJs, photographers and other professionals may charge less for their services and be more available on these other days.

Maybe a Brunch – While Stone Mountain Lodge allows self catering, you don’t need to be this frugal and have your guests “work” on your wedding day. Why not plan a brunch or lunch catered reception? These formats are generally going to cost a lot less than a plated or even a buffet dinner.

Go Less Formal – You can still opt for real linens and dishes but your setting at Stone Mountain Lodge does not need to be formal – good quality disposables will look great as well and you can be “green” with compostables. The chandeliers in our Reception tent will dress up any décor without being overbearing. Remember, the folks are coming to share your commitment and will not mind your choice of table settings and decorations.

Easy on the Alcohol – Another large budget item at a Reception is the alcohol. Firstly, Stone Mountain Lodge allows you to purchase and bring your own alcohol from off-site (though we do require an insured/licensed bartender to serve). This will save you money at the get-go. You can also save more by limiting your alcohol offerings to beer and wine, or even better, just serve a champagne toast at the key moment of the reception. Or, why not offer virgin mixed drinks during the reception. Non-alcoholic pina coladas, punches and frosted drinks will be a treat for guests & save much on your beverage total.

Mix live and recorded music – At your Stone Mountain Lodge wedding, you can have an hour of live music before and during your ceremony from a harpist, violinist, bagpiper guitarist, or other musician. This will class up your wedding ceremony and be well remembered by you and your guests. Then, with your well constructed play-list on your iPod or mp3 player and someone to DJ your reception music, you will have great dance music and cake cutting music for the relatively small cost of renting our sound system.

Make Your Centerpieces – If you don’t want fresh flower centerpieces, you or your wedding attendants can have a fun project day, before the wedding, of creating unique centerpieces to your theme. Another idea is to use live potted plants that represent your theme or region. Potted small palm trees or Colorado blue spruce can be really fun, meaningful and environmentally conscious at the same time.

We can’t quantify what effect any one of these 6 steps will have on your wedding outlay but each of them will save you at least hundreds of dollars. Go ahead! Plan your wedding at Stone Mountain Lodge despite a tough economy. Just know what your “must-haves” are, and ratchet down the rest. And guess what, it’ll probably be more fun too!


  1. Stephanie Fleming says:

    We are wanting to get married on Sept 10, 2011 anytime is fine. We are celebrating our 8th year anniversary on Sept 11, 2011. We have the very most 75 guest. We are planning our own centerpieces and bridal flowers. We would like to have an inexpensive wedding but a nice one. Could you please let me know what this would cost. Thank you very much and God Bless

  2. mindy says:

    Thank you for your interest in having your wedding at Stone Mountain Lodge. I will forward this comment to our Event Coordinator, Holly, who will get back to you by email regarding availability and answering your questions.


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