Looking Through the Photos of the Last 10 Years

Looking through the photos of the last 10 years
Has reminded me of the sweat and the tears
As well the tender moments and happy unions
We brought forth; let’s not forget reunions

We turned a place fertile for ideas, just waiting
Into a resort; it just needed a bit of re-creating
Grass growing where once was gravel
Beauty emerging for those who to it travel

Ten long years – going on eleven now
Flowers blooming where couples speak a vow
Trees planted and ever growing taller
We could host a square dance with a caller

All these photos bring to mind a whirl of events
And major milestones, storms and torrents
Some incidents are best left forgotten
Like eggs stored in cupboards gone rotten

There are some photos of a broken wall
Of graffiti soon removed that cast a pall
Of times we would rather not dwell upon
After changes for the better, we’ve moved on

The green grass drinks but gives much in return
And water quenches all, lest the sun burn
Tis a job to keep the water clean and always ready
To fill the pool and have showers running steady

Many varied hands have worked our rooms
Scrubbed and swept the walks with brooms
Made things nicer for the next guests’ arrival
Be it for a wedding or a church revival

Our own family has had our share of jobs
From running weddings to cleaning after slobs
From arranging curtains, art and hammering
To answering the phone without stammering

Mostly the faces in the photos are smiling
And oft a bridal blush appears, beguiling
Most of our photos are not at all staged
Unrehearsed, subjects captured, engaged

You’ll note that our ducks have no lips
They cannot smile and they don’t pay tips
We know however that they like their place
A wonderful resort amid the open space