Reception Tent is Put Up!

tentjustputupIt is April 14 and our reception tent has been put up!

April is the month of dramatic transformation from winter to summer. The raising of our reception tent is an exciting day. It is our signal that summer is near, and getting ready for the season is fully underway.

tentstakingJust raising the reception tent, and the bridal tent, is an all day ordeal. It’s great to have warm and dry weather. Special jacks are used to hoist up the tent roof, and huge spikes are driven into the ground to secure the structure. Our tents are built with double sized beams that assure safety in all weather conditions.

Over the next 2 weeks, the interior of the tent, including the dance floor, carpeting, chandeliers, electrical supply, curtains and the tables and chairs, are all made ready. At the same time, our grounds also go through a transformation from winter to summer.

willowsgreeningThe task of bringing together our lush, outdoor mountain environment, and making all ready for the season is hard work. Up to now the inside of rooms and cabins have been going through their spring cleaning.

Now is the time for the outside tending to the green lawns and flowers as well as the swimming pool.

Our first wedding this year is on May 1. We are ahead of schedule to make everything perfect by then!

It is always a joy to see the perennial flowers coming up as the winter debris is cleaned out. The clear blue sky over the cliffs, the willows starting to green, and all the trees budding, make the day.

If you come by this time of year, you will see this transformation in progress.