Our New Website

stone-mountain-sign-and-officeYou are one of the first to see our new website and we would like your comments!

We wanted you to be able to see more of Stone Mountain Lodge in its differing operations, including groups, weddings, and different times of the year.

And, we wanted you to be more up to date with happenings about Stone Mountain Lodge and the area. So we redesigned our website to make full use of now over 10 years of content with today’s technology!

Please provide your comments below!

— Peter and Mindy, Owners


  1. Katherine Camper says:

    I love your new website…very good job. It is very comprehensive and informative. It has me very excited about booking 4 or 5 days with you for a special celebration coming up. The only thing I can think of that I would love to see you add is the square footage of the cabins to help prospective guest make a decision on which cabin to book. I will be calling you soon to see what we can work out on booking my special occasion.

    Thank you,
    Ms K.L. Camper

  2. mindy says:

    That is a good suggestion. We’ll see what we can find and add the info in a coming update to the web-site

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