The Swallows at Stone Mountain Lodge

The Swallows

Every year the swallows did
Return to Capistrano
The city grew close, the bugs outbid
Now, at the Mission, not much guano

In Lyons, Colorado, our own migration
Of swallows swooping down in June
The bugs, the river, are fine temptation
Nesting in spruce or outside a room

And in Boulder’s urban streets
At intersections the swallows play
Above the black macadam heat
They dart and swoop with no delay

I’ve seen them every year, now ten
They dive and dip through the parking lot
Next year they will return again
They’re welcome to share what we’ve got

copyrighted 2009 – Mindy Makuta


  1. Lida Violante says:

    Valuable low-down and distinguished enterprise you got here! I would like to thank you in place of sharing your thoughts and metre into the stuff you post!! Thumbs up

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