The Pitfalls of Having a Backyard Wedding

Backyard weddings are very popular now as couples look for ways to save money on their weddings. But there are downsides which we will explore here. Let’s explore some gotchas that may not come to mind when someone’s backyard is graciously offered to you for your wedding.

Even if Mom and Dad or Aunt Sue and Uncle Mike have offered the use of their backyard for your nuptials, let’s consider the following:

  1. Limits on the Size of the Wedding
  2. Readying the Grounds
  3. Cost of rentals – tent, tables, chairs, delivery charges
  4. The hosts can’t enjoy the festivities
  5. Wear and tear and neighbors
Size of Wedding is Limited

The size of the grounds of a typical suburban house backyard, along with covenants or municipal ordinances will likely limit the number of wedding guests to around 50. This is just a rule of thumb. Of course, fewer persons will lower the costs of rentals and catering. Be prepared to pare down the guest list.

Getting the Grounds Ready

You may have to start planting a year before to have the flowers blooming for the wedding, along with an appropriate lawn expanse for seating, dancing, milling around and tables. You will likely have to build or rent an arbor as a place for the couple to exchange their vows.

Cost of Rentals

The host home likely does not have enough tables and chairs for seating and serving your guests. Plus you want everything to match and be suitable for standard linens. There probably isn’t a dance floor either or a Tent to cover everyone if it rains.

The one-day or weekend rental of tables, chairs, a dance floor and perhaps a party tent are not cheap. And that is before the charges for delivery and insurance.

Downside of Hosting Your Son or Daughter’s Wedding

There is a downside of hosting your son or daughter’s wedding that you may not be thinking of as you shine with pride. Unless you hire an experienced planner for the day, You (the parents) and maybe other family members will be scurrying around taking care of details instead of enjoying the wedding. And, when it comes time for cleaning up, no-one wants to even think about that, after a night of partying, dancing (and perhaps drinking).

If you go ahead with offering the kids your backyard, consider very much hiring someone to handle things.

The Wear and Tear on the Yard and the Neighborhood

The number of guests, noise, music, parking etc. may be limited by the customs, laws or HOA of your neighborhood.

It may all be worth it, but, all that work getting the grounds ready may be short-lived. Think about trampled grass, trash, broken glass. You get the picture.

In Summary

While it is so gracious for someone to offer the use of their backyard for a wedding, remember that the offer of a backyard leaves many things still to do and pay for.

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