50% Off Daytime 2010 Weddings

We still have a few open dates in 2010 for Daytime Weddings to be held between 9am and 4pm

We are offering 50% off the regular Wedding Package Price (Packages B, C and D)  on These 2010 Dates for Daytime Weddings (9am to 4pm):

  1. -Fri July 2
  2. -Fri July 9
  3. -Thurs July 15
  4. -Thurs July 29
  5. -Sat July 31
  6. -Fri Aug 6
  7. -Fri Aug 13
  8. -Sat Sep 4
  9. -Fri Sep 10
  10. -Sat Sep 18
  11. -Fri Sep 24

Give our Event Coordinator a Call at 720-290-7326 and she’ll give you all the Details! Schedule Your Tour and Book Your Date Soon!


  1. Nick Ores says:

    We are looking to get married either Aug. 6th or 7th. Maybe 40-50 people.


    Nick Ores

  2. mindy says:

    Hi Nick,

    Thank you for your interest in a Stone Mountain Wedding. Friday Aug 6, 2010 is available from 9am until 4pm for our Package B – Full Wedding for 60 guests at 25% off the regular package price of $2500 —> so it’s a good deal at $1875.

    I have forwarded your contact information to Holly, our Event Coordinator. She will get in touch with you to discuss!


  3. Charlotte says:

    We are wanting a Sept. 4th or 10th wedding with a max of 50 people…can you suggest an outdoor location and pricing? Thank you

  4. mindy says:


    Both Sept 4th and Sept 10th, 2010 are still available for daytime weddings at Stone Mountain Lodge. That is they must occur between 9am and 4pm.

    For 50 guests, a wedding on Friday Sept 10 would be 25% off our Package B pricing or $1875. On Saturday Sept 4, it would be 25% off our Package C or $2925.

    Please call our Event Coordinator at 720-290-7326 to get more details and schedule your tour

  5. Hilary says:

    We are hoping for a wedding in mid june . 15 people max. what are your suggestions? Thanks!

  6. mindy says:


    Our Package A for $795 is available from Monday through Thursdays and is perfect for your size wedding. I will forward your request to Holly, our Event Coordinator so that she can give you more details!

  7. Connie says:

    I am trying to help my son find a venue for their wedding. They are thinking Sept. 18, but possibly could be a bit flexible about the date. We are hoping to rent the entire property for a weekend wedding so everyone can stay at the lodge. How would that work?

  8. mindy says:


    Thanks so much for considering Stone Mountain Lodge for your son’s wedding!

    Saturday Sept 18, 2010 is still available for a daytime wedding (between 9am and 4pm), however Saturday night is already totally reserved for lodging. Friday Sept 17 does look to be wide open for lodging as is Thursday Sept 16. You may think about A Full Day wedding on Friday Sept 17 with lodging on Thurs & Fri?

    There are still weekends in August and in October that do look available for full lodging for 2 nights with a Full Day Saturday wedding (package C or D between 9am and 11pm).

    Here is what you should do next –

    Come to our Open House, this Sunday (May 23) between 10am and 3pm!
    Call (720-290-7326) or Email Holly (events@stonemountainlodge.com), our Event Coordinator to ask questions and arrange your private Tour. (I will forward Holly your comments, so she may answer you directly)


  9. April says:

    We were thinking of a fall wedding. We want the early yellow and red leaves of the trees in the pictures. Probably early September. We have flowers, to tuxes, to food, to decorations already picked out. we just need a place that’s outside and nice, a place to sit down and eat and possibly chairs for at least 10 to 20 people. We have an idea wedding and a light pocket book. We need the best deal you can offer.

  10. mindy says:

    April, I’m forwarding your request to our Event Coordinator who will be contacting you soon.


  11. mindy says:

    The 50% discount applies to packages B, C and D on the specific dates that are limited to end by 4pm

  12. Stephanie says:

    Good afternoon…
    I am in need of assistance in planning a very intimate wedding (my fiancé, our two 14 year old children, and myself) in the mountains of Colorado. Your elopement package looks good, but we will only have the 4 of us there. We woudl not need the chairs for 15 guests, set up at the arbor, or best available cabin.

    This Wedding Package Includes
    • Up to 15 guests
    • Includes one hour at the Ceremony Site with vine covered Arbor
    • Set up of chairs at the Arbor
    • Bridal bouquet (chosen by Stone Mountain Lodge)
    • Boutonniere for the groom (chosen by Stone Mountain Lodge)
    • Best available cabin for one night
    • Use of Arbor and Garden Area for up to 2 Hours
    • Our Romancing the Stone Package with a wedding-style cake for 2 in lieu of chocolates
    Is there any way to cut down the price with such an intimate wedding party? We are looking to get married on the afternoon of July 5th – 8th.
    How far is your location from Grand View?
    I would really appreciate your help. This is spontaneous, and I have never been to Colorado, so I don’t know where to start! Thank you in advance for your time.

  13. mindy says:


    Thank you for your interest in having your wedding at Stone Mountain Lodge and Cabins. Holly Conrad our Event Coordinator will be answering your question via email.


  14. Robert Michael says:

    My daughter is getting married September 10th in 2011 and her and her fiance wish very much to be married outside and in the mountains or foothills. As well asa having the reception close-by in the same vacinity. My delema is that pricing for the event in which they want is pricey. Stone mountain really looks like a place in which i would be interested in having their ceremony and reception. need some advice or direction. he is in the military and and i have been out of work for the last two years, but am employd now. We have a very tight budget. would like to set an appointment up to look around and talk to you. Thanks Robert Michael.

  15. mindy says:


    Thanks so much for your interest in having your daughter’s wedding at Stone Mountain Lodge. I will forward your request to our Event Coordinator who will be replying to you with more details on setting up a tour, etc.


  16. Hilary says:

    Hi there-
    Hilary writing you again. I spoke to one of the gals who works for you over the weekend and she told me we could do package A for 50% off. We are very interested in July 15 or if not we could go for the 29th, as I see those dates are available.
    I have tried to call your event line the past few days and no return. Could someone please let me know if this is a possibility? We would love to come take a look asap.
    Thanks so much 🙂

  17. Natalie says:

    I am looking to get married using package B Saturday Sept 4th. Is that available? Thank you so much!!

  18. Kylee says:

    Looking to get married with Package B Oct (before the snow moves in) what dates are available and what would cost be if booked now? Thanks you!!!! Please email me.

  19. mindy says:

    Thanks so much for your interest in an October wedding at Stone Mountain Lodge. I will forward your request on to our Event Coordinator. She’ll let you know our availability and how to get things going!

  20. Heather says:

    We are looking to get married March/April 2011 and love your venue. What dates do you have available for an all day event for them max number of guests (160). And do you give group rates on lodging?
    Also could you email me an estimate of what it would cost if we did everything through Stone Mountain. And an estimate if we used our own caterer. Also I would like a list of everything you would be able to provide. My Fiance and I are the only family that we have in Co, so to make things easier we would love a venue that could possibly be inclusive.


  21. mindy says:


    Thank you for your interest in having your wedding at Stone Mountain Lodge. I will forward your request by email to our Event Coordinator who will reply by email


  22. Danielle says:

    I was wondering what dates were still available for this dicount. I was looking at July 9th or August 6th, can you please let me know if these are still available dates, thank you so much.

  23. mindy says:

    Danielle, I assume you are looking for a 1/2 day wedding in 2011? If so, these dates are the only ones currently available at the 50% discount off the regular package price for that date:

    Specific Dates are available for 1/2 day (9am to 4pm) Weddings in 2011.
    * May 20, 2011
    * Oct 7, 2011

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