50% Off Specific 2011 Dates for 1/2 Day Weddings

Great Deal!

Specific Dates are available for 1/2 day (9am to 4pm) Weddings in 2011.

Normally we do not do 1/2 day events, however, for specific dates,

A half-day slot may be available at 50% off our normal wedding package pricing.

The following dates are available:

  • Friday May 20, 2011           (from 9am until 4pm) This Date is BOOKED!
  • Saturday August 13, 2011 (from 9am until 4pm)
  • Thursday August 18, 2011  (from 9am until 4pm)   This Date is BOOKED!
  • Friday Sept 9, 2011              (from 9am until 4pm)
  • Thursday Sept 15, 2011      (from 9am until 4pm)
  • Saturday Sep 17, 2011         (from 11am to 4pm)        
  • Friday Oct 7, 2011                (from 9am until 4pm)       This Date is BOOKED!

Please call our Event Coordinator at 720-290-7326 to discuss the possibilities

for Your Wedding at Stone Mountain Lodge.


  1. mindy says:

    Thanks so much for your wedding request. Our Event Coordinator will be replying to you shortly, by email


  2. mindy says:

    Hi Kelly, Thanks for asking about a Stone Mountain Lodge wedding.
    I have forwarded your request to our Event Coordinator, Holly, who will respond directly to you by email regarding August and other Summer 2011 openings.


  3. mindy says:


    Thank you for your interest in having your 2012 wedding at Stone Mountain Lodge. To answer your question, 1/2 days are made available when that night has been fully reserved for lodging at Stone Mountain Lodge. There are currently no such dates in 2012 but when there are, they will be posted on this web-site. Also, the pricing for any 2012 1/2 day weddings has not yet been set, but it will be reduced from the normal package pricing.

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