Stone Mountain Lodge Press Release

Stone Mountain Lodge and Cabins, Lyons, Colorado –  Press Release
September 19, 2013

An on-site inspection of the Stone Mountain Lodge property was made yesterday by the owners Peter & Mindy Makuta and General Manager, Carrie Cajka. The Stone Mountain Property came through the flood with very minor issues. “When we were on the property, we felt as if it’s a normal summer day and nothing was wrong. Even our beloved ducks came racing up the road for their morning snack” stated Carrie.

While standing out-front and looking across the large St. Vrain and the damage done to Highway 36 and Apple Valley, Mindy stated “Our hearts pounded and we all started crying. It was all so clear how the river’s devastation spared us, yet affected many of our neighbors so severely. We have such mixed emotions. Our prayers go out to our affected neighbors and the entire Lyons community.”

Based on the on-site inspection, it is felt that Stone Mountain Lodge can be up and operational within a day or two after utilities are restored to the property, and the current temporary access is established for general use while Highway 36 is rebuilt.

“As soon as we are operational, Stone Mountain Lodge can help provide temporary housing through the winter months for those who may need it” stated Peter.

Stone Mountain Lodge has been working off-site helping our currently booked September and October events work though this disaster. “It is a very trying time, and we appreciate everyone’s patience. We wish we could do more. We can see how the town of Lyons along with a variety of agencies, departments, and volunteers, are working swiftly to restore our community as a whole. ” stated Peter.


P.S. Please direct all correspondence with the main phone and e-mail address for Stone Mountain Lodge. Please don’t call the owners at their home number. They do not have direct access to the reservations system, and the phone needs to be kept open for communication with utility companies, government agencies, banks, etc. to support our recovery.



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