Contact a Guest

If you would like to call a guest staying at Stone Mountain Lodge and Cabins, please use our Guest line:


1) Call the above Number

2) At the prompt, enter the Guest’s Room/Cabin Number + 100. For example if the Guest is staying in cabin 21 then you will enter 121; If the Guest is staying in room 9, then you will enter 109

3) The phone line will appear to go dead while your Guest’s extension is being rung, but this is normal. If your Guest is there they will be able to pick up the phone. If your guest is out, you will get a message that the extension can not be reached.

4) If you must leave an Emergency Message for a Guest who is not available. then call the Lodge Desk at 303-823-6091 during office hours and staff will do their best to give a message to that person.