Free Wireless Internet

laptop-relax-on-grassStone Mountain Lodge and Cabins offers free high speed Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) access for our guests.

All guest rooms, cabins, and all outdoor areas on the lower part of the property, including the Pool, Garden Area, and Wedding and Events Areas, are all within range of a good wireless internet signal.

Areas around the Pond, and even the picnic table up on the Stone Mountain Trail receive good signals from our free wireless hotspot.

Connecting To the Stone Mountain Lodge Wi-Fi

The only hardware you will need is a PC with a wireless adapter that is 802.11b or g compliant. The SSID we broadcast is “Stone Mountain Lodge” and no authentication is required. Just connect to “Stone Mountain Lodge“.

When you connect and open your browser, you will see the Stone Mountain Lodge splash page. After selecting the button to proceed, you will then have free internet access. Note that you must connect and go through the splash page before you  can access your e-mail.

The Stone Mountain Lodge Hot-Spot

It is your responsibility to protect your wireless device and data from others on this wireless network or the internet. Stone Mountain Lodge cannot and will not take any responsibility for damages to your wireless device or data. Please note that our staff may not be able to help you if you are not familiar with wireless access.  For more general information and a directory of free hot spots, take a look at We hope you enjoy the convenient of wireless internet access at Stone Mountain Lodge and Cabins!