Our Pond


The Private Pond at Stone Mountain Lodge and Cabins is home to our ducks. It provides a picturesque setting for a walk, picnic, fishing, or sipping a glass of wine on the stone bench. It’s a nice place to enjoy reading as well.

Many trees, shrubs and flowers grow naturally around the Pond. Over the years, we have added aspen, maple, pines, crab apples and other varieties.

The ducks are friendly and love to be fed. They have been raised at the Pond, and we cherish them dearly. See Our Ducks page for more about our ducks.

Any Lodge guest may walk down to the Pond if no Event is scheduled.

Fishing in our Pond is allowed without a fishing license but is limited to “catch and release”. There are bass, blue gill, sunfish, and carp. Many kids have caught their first fish in our Pond!

Every year in the Spring, our Pond attracts a pair of Canadian geese. They generally hang around for a month or two.  We usually have a muskrat or two who make the Pond their home too.