The N. Saint Vrain River

river_looking_east The North Saint Vrain River is just across the road from Stone Mountain Lodge. This part of the river is just beyond where it exits the canyon and levels out meandering through Apple Valley, before it goes through the town of Lyons. You can enjoy fishing, tubing or just wading in the water on a hot day. Fishing the Saint Vrain River does require a Colorado fishing license.

getting-wet-in-the-river During the summer, the river runs gracefully and becomes ideal for bumping along on an inner tube, or just wading in the cool mountain water. But during the early spring (May and early June) the river runs high, depending on the snow melt. Expert kayakers sometimes start at the arched bridge just west of Stone Mountain Lodge, or use the kayaking course at Meadow Park in Lyons (about a mile down steam).  At this time of year one needs to be careful, and respect the force of the river.

arched-bridge There are two easy access points within walking distance of Stone Mountain Lodge. One is a path from the pull-out across the road just west of the lodge building. (Be careful crossing the road!) The other is a few hundred feet farther west. Here, there is a wooden arched bridge where Apple Valley Road crosses the river. Just on the other side of the bridge you will find a small parking lot and a paved path with access to the river. You can also access the river from Meadow Park and Bohn Park in Lyons.

Take a look at our interactive map to see the location of the River.