2009 Ducks

March 23, 2010 by  
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Due to a hungry mountain lion, we lost all our ducks by the end of 2008. Unfortunately, there was nothing we could do. It was a slow process over the summer and fall. It was quite frustrating. As a result, we didn’t have any ducks through the winter. We decided this was a good thing, […]

Wild Ducks and Domestic Ducks Get Along

August 13, 2007 by  
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Several wild ducks did come by for a good part of the summer, and all got along quite well.And they do breed! But, I do remember one occasion just after the wild ducks came by. They all followed me up the hill from the pond. All of a sudden, a car door slammed and they […]

Domestic Ducks and Predators

April 12, 2006 by  
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Due to a mild winter during 2005-2006, all our ducks survived until spring. And thankfully, there were enough ducks so they could keep a section of the pond ice free by themselves. This is so important, because without a place to scramble to, they are literally “sitting ducks” for predators. Ducks really are quite hardy […]

Two Stone Mountain Ducks Immortalized!

October 5, 2005 by  
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Here’s an update in the Fall of 2005 This year we did more beautification project to our lodge. Well, two of our favorite ducks became immortalized! I took one of our best pictures of La Nuit and April, aka Bonnie and Clyde, (see our ducks during 2003), and made cutouts for our new shudders on […]

A Pair of Canadian Geese Stop by Every Spring

September 17, 2004 by  
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During the Spring of 2004, 2 moms had 11¬†and 6 ducklings respectively. Of these broods, 9 and 1 survived. They enjoy hanging out together. We have also become accustom to have other wildlife guests at our pond. A pair of Canadian geese stop by every year for about a month or two in the spring. […]

Less Ducks then More

September 28, 2003 by  
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By the spring of 2003 nature had whittled our flock down to 6 ducks when we adopted another Rouen female. Later this spring we lost Mama White to road traffic. We really miss her. Soon after this, we released 2 new ducks to the pond. These ducks are of different breeds; One is all black […]

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