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Fun Wedding with Orange Theme

A Fun Wedding with an Orange Theme

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Cowboy wedding in April

A Cowboy themed Wedding in April

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Dog Brings Ring in September

Dog brings ring. A Late September Wedding

26 Photos

Elegant Navy Wedding

The groom is in the Navy at this elegant wedding at Stone Mountain Lodge.

39 Photos

Evening weddings as sun sets

Scenes from two evening weddings as the sun is setting

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Festive and Colorful wedding

A festive and colorful wedding themed in shades of orange, green and pink

14 Photos

Festive Wedding in the Fall

This large wedding had beautiful fall weather and fall colors.

25 Photos

Formal Evening Weddings

Two different weddings are both formal and elegant

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International Wedding

This bride is Australian; The groom is American. Many guests are from the U.K and Australia. The bride, groom and most of the guests are staying at Stone Mountain Lodge

22 Photos

Medieval weddings - Brides on horses

Two couples married on the same day. The brides wearing blue gowns rode to the Ceremony on Horses. Grooms dressed in knightly attire. Medieval entertainment.

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Wedding in Late May

This Wedding took place in late May.

12 Photos

Wedding with Bagpipes and 150 guests

Wedding with Bagpipes and 150 guests

17 Photos

Wedding with Rain, Sun and Fun

This wedding had a spot of rain that cleared up just in time for the Bride and Groom to exchange vows. Reception color theme is white, orange, yellow and pink

24 Photos

Wedding with Simple Elegance for 60 guests

Wedding with Simple Elegance for 60 guests

8 Photos

Wedding with Bride in White Ruffled Gown

Wedding with Bride in White Ruffled Gown

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At this wedding the Bride and Groom came across the Pond in our canoe as part of their Ceremony entrance

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