Past Weddings at Stone Mountain

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Elvis Wedding

Wedding with an Elvis impersonator, his band, and the stage show in the Stone Mountain Lodge Reception tent

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Wedding with Planters and Barbeque

Wedding with Flowers and Seeds Theme. Watering can planter centerpieces. Barbecue was served

21 Photos

Informal Celtic Wedding

An informal Celtic themed Wedding at Stone Mountain Lodge

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Informal Picnic Wedding with Camping

An Informal Wedding with a Picnic Theme. With camping for friends at Stone Mountain Lodge Pond

14 Photos

Mariachi Wedding in Late May

A Mexican Themed Wedding complete with Mariachis in Late May

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Wedding with Simple Red Theme in June

A simple red themed Wedding in June at Stone Mountain Lodge

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Military Weddings

Military Weddings at Stone Mountain Lodge. (We offer a Military Wedding discount!)

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Wedding for over 150 Guests

A large wedding at Stone Mountain with over 150 guests.

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Simple Wedding - Slide Show & Cameras

This wedding reception has light green table linens. Cameras are for the guests to use. A slide show will be done a reception activity.

10 Photos

Mid and Late September Weddings

A couple of Weddings in Mid and Late September

13 Photos

Wedding as the sun sets

A wedding at about sunset with reception just as it's getting dark

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Small Wedding in Early May

A small wedding in early May. This ceremony has a harpist

6 Photos

Small Intimate Weddings

Small intimate weddings at Stone Mountain Lodge

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Wedding with Dogs

This wedding had dogs in the Ceremony. The groom's pooch and the bride's pooch were also united at Stone Mountain Lodge

5 Photos

Wedding with Flower Petals

Wedding where Flower Petals Mark from the Stone Steps down the Aisle to the Arbor

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