Using the Reception Tent

Groups are welcome to Reserve our custom 30′ by 60′ Reception Tent as described below.

color23-qpr Our 30′ by 60′ white Reception Tent with windowed side-walls and chandeliers is erected at the Pond area from late April through the end of October. Consider using our tent for a catered gathering, live entertainment, a pot luck, or as your group’s “community center”.

The 1800 square foot tent has tables and chairs available for up to 160 people. The tent has sides, most with windows. The sides can be opened during good weather. The tent has a carpeted raised floor and a 15′ by 18′ dance floor. There is a chandelier controlled by a dimmer to set the right mood plus perimeter lighting. Electrical power is also available.

color4-qpr The Reception Tent can be¬†used as a “community center” for your group and includes tables and chairs. You can have a meeting, a movie night, scrapbook, play cards or quilt. It’s up to you.

Reservation Fees

Any group may reserve the Venue Area including the Reception Tent by the Pond, the Garden Area and The Arbor for an additional fee according to our pricing for Wedding Packages. If you wish to use the Venue Area on a last minute basis when no other event is scheduled, please inquire with our Event Staff for availability and pricing.