Wedding Guest Lodging

cabin19-patio2 Attending a Colorado Wedding at Stone Mountain Lodge and Cabins is a very special event. If you are a Wedding Guest coming from out of town, or even just from the Denver area, you can turn your trip into a Colorado getaway, or vacation at Stone Mountain! You can attend the wedding and stay on to discover a little bit of Colorado or come early and take in sites before the Wedding!

For On-Site Weddings

wedding-062207-080 We specialize in hosting Outdoor Weddings from late Spring through early Fall, so we mostly book Stone Mountain Lodge wedding guests during those months, but during the rest of the year or mid-week in the Summer, we can accommodate you, or your group, quite well, and affordably.

Stone Mountain Lodge is a convenient and fun lodging choice for our on-site Weddings. Naturally, we provide lodging for many of our Wedding Events, especially when the guests are from out-of-town.

For Off-Site Weddings

When lodging is available, Stone Mountain Lodge is a convenient lodging choice for several popular wedding venues. We love to have guests that are attending weddings in the area, even if the affair is not with us.

We are just down the road from Lionscrest Manor, and we often host overnight guests attending their weddings. You can enjoy the event, and not have to drive far. So, stay and enjoy!

Extended Weddings

Since we know how to host Family Reunions, turning a Wedding Event into multi-day affairs, especially mid-week is very common. These stays provide extra time to visit with those you haven’t seen in some time, and to get to know new  members of the family. Consider this when planning the wedding, but Reserve lodging early as units may be booked by others for the nights you want.


Booking all 21 units is a popular option for wedding and reunion groups which ensures your exclusive use of the lodging portion of the property.  See more information on reunion and group bookings on our website or give us a call.

What to Do When You’re Not at the Wedding

Take a walk around the Pond, have dinner at one of the fabulous restaurants in Lyons, and relax. For more activity, take a walk up our mountain trail, spend the day in Boulder or Estes Park, or hike the lesser known trails close by.

But whatever you do, be sure to enjoy each moment! As the Bride and Groom already know, the mountain scenery at Stone Mountain is very special, so stay with us and  enjoy your surroundings before, during and after the Wedding!

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