Sound System Rental


Stone Mountain Lodge has a professional sound system available for your use. It is built for our outdoor environment and is set up by our staff.

Our sound system is ideal for an I-Pod, CD player, or computer hook up.

It has multiple channels that can be used for voice and stereo music at the ceremony as well.

Both wireless and corded microphones, and microphone stands are also available. It can also support live music, as well. Please consult our event coordinator for more information.

Sound System Pricing:

$150 for use during reception or ceremony only

$200 for use during both ceremony and reception

Staff Support

Our event staff will set-up and take down the system for your event, and instruct who you designate in its use.

Please note: Our staff cannot run your music for you. Please make sure you have someone responsible and knowledgeable enough to to run your I-Pod, or any device you bring, to play your music as you wish.

Our Sound System and Accessories

Fender Audio Portable Sound System
– 250 Watt Stereo Sound System with Speakers
– 6 channel (2 stereo) Mixer Amplifier
– Build-in Digital Reverb
– VIP (Voice Input Priority) – Input to channel 1 can automatically override

(The following is packed with the Sound System:)

2 – High-Performance Loud Speakers

1 – Power Cable
2 – 27’ Speaker Cables
2 – 25’ Extension Speaker Cables

The following cables can be used for an I-Pod, MP3 Player, CD Player, Computer, etc.
1 – 10’ Stereo Input Cable with ¼ inch Plug
1 – 2’ foot Stereo Input Cable with RCA Connectors

Additional Accessories (Packed in Black Case):

2 – Dynamic Microphones & Cable
1 – 25’ Extension Microphone Cable

1 – Wireless Microphone System includes
VHF Receiver Box
Power Converter for Receiver Box
Wireless Microphone (with 9v Battery)
Input Cable (6’ with ¼ inch Plugs)

Instructions for Fender Sound System
Instructions for Wireless Microphone System

Mic Stands:

1 – Round Base Mic Stand
1 – Tripod Boom Mic Stand

Lapel Mics

2 – Lapel Mics

Hints on using an I-Pod, MP-3 Player, etc.

It’s a good idea to make sure your play list of songs, particularly if they came from many different sources, have had volume leveling. For I-Pods, make sure Sound Check is used. For other MP-3 devices check the software you use.

When hooking up an I-Pod, MP-3 Player, Computer or CD-Player, you may need adjust its volume level higher. Make sure your batteries a good, or bring a power adapter.

Make sure whomever you designate to play your music is familiar with your device, and has clear instructions about what to do and when.

Keep it simple, especially for the ceremony.