Ceremony Arbor Area

bloomingtrumpetvines The Ceremony Site includes a redwood Arbor covered with lush green trumpet vines that bloom with hundreds of orange honeysuckle blossoms in June.

The Arbor is backed by bushes and the naturally treed hillside. And of course, the Pond is always in view.

Circular Seating

The area in front of the arbor is slightly raised in a circular fashion for a natural stage. This area is outlined in natural river rock round at stone mountain.

There is plenty of room to seat all your guests in semicircular rows. The curving rows provide more intimate seating with fewer rows, so everyone gets good seats. Often the immediate family is seated closer withing the river rock boarders.

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Our staff takes care is setting up the white wedding chairs to arched just right. It’s not as easy as you think! (see Circular Seating Setup for more details.) If you prefer a more traditional longer aisle, we can certainly do that too.

While the Arbor Area can easily seat 160 guests in our pretty wedding white folding chairs, our Ceremony Site can be used for Intimate Weddings and Elopements as well.

Music and Sound System Support

013 There is an electrical outlet available to support a sound system for a microphone, live music or an iPod. Often for live music, a pop-up tent is requested by the musicians. We can supply a pop-up tent and have it set up for you, if needed.

Our staff will assist with parking and help direct gusts to the Ceremony area as they arrive.

The Stone Stairs

The Stone Stairs leading down from the Arbor area to the Pond provides a special way to enter or leave the Ceremony Site. Lush Irish moss grows among the steps and the pond and fountain are right there. Also a great place for pictures.

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Often a brides entrance begins at the Bridal tent. She walks through the Reception tent toward the Stone Stairs. Just before the ceremony begins, the reception tent is void of guests. Usually there are some last minute preparations going by the vendors. You guests have non idea where you are coming from!