The Pond and Weddings

The Pond, the Ducks and the Fountain

There is a path to walk all the way around the pond. Your guests are welcome to enjoy the entire area and take in the views.

On the opposite side of the pond is a stone bench that overlooks the pond and the whole wedding area with the red cliffs towering above. It’s a great place for a little escape.

Professional photographers love making use of the pond and lush green background!

The Fountain

During Wedding Season our Fountain runs throughout the daytime. As the sun goes down, the fountain catches the setting suns rays. This often occurs for a period of time during a wedding event. It makes a great backdrop for pictures.

After the sun is down, the fountain is lit up, adding to the elegance of the evening. The sound of the water is always soothing.

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Stone Mountain Ducks

During a wedding event, the ducks generally stay in the pond. But sometimes they do wander. They are quite friendly!

Kids, and grownup, love our ducks. And so do we! The Stone Mountain Ducks love to be fed with bread. Just ask your caterer to put some aside. Sometimes they are overfed from our weddings, so don’t be surprised if they areĀ  not hungry!

Imagine your photos and the delight of any children in attendance. And they thought the wedding would be boring!

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There is a small duck house on the other side of the pond. This is where we raise ducks in the Spring, if we need too!

Learn more about our ducks from the Stone Mountain Duck Blog!