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A Letter from the Owners:

Stone Mountain Lodge and Cabins is a small, family owned, independent facility. Our ownership began in 1999, where we had a vision of bringing this unique property back as a small resort. Its long history indicated that its appeal and location persisted for over 100 years, yet fell on some hard times. Stone Mountain Lodge and Cabins has come a long way since 1999.

An old resort is a blessing and a curse. The blessing is a very unique and special property with a rich history. Quite often the attributes and location of an older property can not be duplicated today. This is certainly the case for Stone Mountain Lodge. In fact, no new lodging facilities are allowed in Boulder County, except within cities. We are among a very small number of mountain lodges still in operation in Boulder County today.

The curse is that Stone Mountain Lodge is an old property, with old buildings. As with any renovation project funded solely by personal resources, progress is slower than desired. Yet, our progress has been steady, and is continual. Much has been upgraded to one degree or another. And, a lot has been put into infrastructure that no one can see. We are always thinking ahead to the next priority. Our satisfaction comes from the fact that Stone Mountain Lodge and Cabins is always being re-discovered for its unique attributes, and our many delightful guests.

We would like you to enjoy your experience at Stone Mountain Lodge for what it is. It is an old country resort on the mend, with incredible surroundings, and natural amenities that are hard to come by. We are not a box hotel, we do not have the resources of the corporate chains, we are not able to have our office open 24 hours a day. And, we do not have hermetically sealed rooms with electronic locks.

But for our guests, that is the appeal! It is an experience gone by. It is an escape from the corporate, cookie cutter world. It is a way to understand how modesty is often a virtue that is forgotten in today’s world.

Whether you are here for a vacation, a family reunion, a romantic getaway, or an outdoor wedding, we welcome you, and wish you the best.


Peter & Mindy Makuta, Owners

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