Lyons, Colorado

lyonsmainstLyons, Colorado is certainly a small town. Go to one of the popular coffee shops and hang out with the locals, browse the unique antique shops, take a walking tour of the historic buildings, and have dinner at one a local restaurant.

Lyons is small enough to relax and slow down your pace!

Lyons is less than 2 miles east on Highway 36 from Stone Mountain Lodge. Here’s a sampling of what Lyons is about.

For more information, try out our interactive map of the Lyons area!

Also, here’s more info from the official Lyon’s Area Chamber of Commerce.

Redstone Historical Museum

redstonemuseumHoused in the original 1881 schoolhouse on High St. and 4th. See artifacts of early life in Lyons as well as some personal collections donated by Lyons’ residents.

There are plenty of old photographs showing a bygone era in Western American life. Don’t forget to pick up a guide to the Lyons Historic District.

Sandstone Park and the Visitors’ Center

lyonsvisitorcenterVisit Sandstone Park (on Broadway between 4th and 5th) for a picnic or to play Frisbee. On some summer nights you can enjoy free outdoor concerts here.

The Visitors’ Center is generally open in summer and weekends in spring and fall. Here you will find lots of printed information and friendly volunteers to tell you about what’s going on in Lyons and the surrounding area.

Historic Buildings

lyonshistoricbuildingUsing the Lyons Historic District guide, you can easily walk around the town to see where homes, homesteads and various businesses stood in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

Most buildings are still standing but have changed use over time. For example, the 1881 railroad depot (on Broadway between 4th and 5th) is now the Lyons Depot Library.

Downtown Shops

lyons-shopsDuring your walking tour you will find some nice shops especially on Main and High Streets. There are antique stores, arts stores, a music shop, a flower shop, a candy store, a jewelry shop and others.  You can just browse or look for that special item to take home from Lyons.

Meadow Park

meadowparkThis is a great place to have a picnic by the St. Vrain River. It lies in a box canyon. Tubing on the river is very popular in the summer.

It is also the home of a top-notch kayaking course. There are kayaking competitions in the Spring when the river water is high.

To get here, go to Lyons and then bear right on Highway  7 for a few blocks. The entrance is on the right.