Our Ducks

original12ducklings In the Spring of 2000 our pond had an algae problem. We also wanted our pond to be more fun and lively. Well, we found out that ducks eat algae. Since any other solution to the algae problem was too expensive, we went looking for ducklings to live in our pond.

nestingduck Well, the ducks did solve our algae problem that year. In addition, we later created a healthier pond by reestablishing proper water flow through it from the river. The ducks didn’t mind this either. And, the story of our ducks lives on.

Today, the ducks at Stone Mountain delight our guests. They make special appearances at weddings and reunions that we have near the pond and they are thought of as part of our family!

As you can see from looking around on our website, they have become our trademark!

The Stone Mountain Lodge Duck Blog

(or Our Duck Story)

sml-duck We’ve been updating Our Duck Story ever since. And, we’ve learned a lot about ducks over the years.

Since we started doing this before blogs were popular, we didn’t know what to call it. Now we do. Now our website supports blogs, so it will be easier to keep the world updated about the Stone Mountain Lodge ducks!

Enjoy reading. Hopefully it will entertain and we will pass along some of the knowledge about ducks we acquired over time.