heilranchtrailTaking a short hike on the Stone Mountain Lodge property is always fun. Enjoy an early morning stroll up our private Stone Mountain Trail, or have a glass of wine by our pond in the late afternoon. Either way, it’s hard to been.

But if you want more a more serious adventure, hiking near Stone Mountain Lodge in the Lyons area is abundant, diverse and undiscovered.

You can be a simple jog down a country road, pack for a rigorous 10 mile (or more) hike, or anything in between.

You can cover mountain valleys, meadows, and steep terrain. You will discover an old homestead, and see views of the Continental Divide or the Great Planes. It’s all there to enjoy!

Apple Valley Road

applevalleyroadApple Valley road is a lightly traveled county road. It is perfect for a morning run, a leisurely jog, or and easy bike ride to town.

Apple Valley, named for its old apple orchards, has a unique beauty that contrasts against the rugged mountains. Follow this narrow, twisty, yet level road lined with a variety of deciduous trees, quaint houses, and country scenery with hardly any cars. It’s about 2.5 miles to the town of Lyons.

How to Get There:

Apple Valley Road begins just a few hundred feet from Stone Mountain Lodge. Walk along the road west (away from Lyons) about 500 feet. There you will see an arched wooden bridge across the Saint Vrain River. Cross the highway here and start your walk through Apple Valley.

Hall Ranch

A trailhead for Hall Ranch is located just across Apple Valley from Stone Mountain Lodge. Take the short scenic drive through along Apple Valley road to the Trailhead. (See directions below)

Consisting of over 3,000 acres, Hall Ranch land is visible from Stone Mountain Lodge when you look west.  Historically a working ranch, Hall Ranch now offers hiking on a variety of terrain from 5,400 to 6,800 feet in elevation.

Hall ranch has many miles of trails, offering some of the best hiking along the front range of Colorado, without the crowds. It’s trails continue for tens of miles, liking up with Button Rock Preserve (see below).

More Info on Hall Ranch.

How to Get There:

To the Apple Valley Trailhead: From Stone Mountain Lodge, turn right on Hwy 36 (toward Estes Park). Go about 1,000 feet until you see the Arched Bridge and make a left turn across the bridge. That will be Apple Valley Road. Continue about 1.5 miles until you see Antelope Road going to the right. Go up Antelope Road to the end where there is a small parking lot and the trailhead.

To the main trailhead: From Stone Mountain Lodge, take Hwy 36 back toward Lyons (1.5 miles), then stay to the right and follow Hwy 7 about 1 mile. Parking and trailheads are on the right.

Dogs: Not Allowed

Button Rock Preserve

buttonrocktrailsThis is a little known, walk-in only preserve, with some of the most peaceful and scenic hiking there is. You will find an abundance of wildlife as you easily walk along the North Saint Vrain Creek to the Longmont and Ralph Price Reservoirs.  From here you can do more rugged mountain hiking looping back, or take a connecting trail to Hall Ranch (see below).

More Info on Button Rock Preserve

How to Get There:

From Stone Mountain Lodge take Hwy 36 west about 2 miles. Turn left at Boulder County Road 80 (just before the entrance to Shelly’s Cottages). Continue on this dirt road for 3 miles.

Dogs: Allowed on Leash

Rabbit Mountain

This is a good place to hike in the cooler months and winter. Rabbit Mountain is right along the foothills that includes terrain from sweeping grasslands to ridge top pine forests with views of the great plains to the east as well as the Continental Divide to the west.

More Info on Rabbit Mountain.

How to get there:

From Stone Mountain Lodge take Hwy 36 east through Lyons. Continue on Hwy 66 east toward Longmont about 1 mile past the intersection of Hwy 66 and Hwy 36. Turn left on N. 53rd Street and continue for two miles.

Dogs: Allowed on Leash

Heil Valley Ranch

heilranchlichentrailLimited to a picnic area and hiking on a 1.3 mile trail this almost 5,000 acres is one of Boulder county’s newest areas just opened to the public.

More Info on Heil Valley Ranch.

How to get there:

From Stone Mountain Lodge take Hwy 36 east through Lyons. Turn south towards Boulder at the junction of Hwy 36 and Hwy 66 and follow about 5 miles to Left Hand Canyon Road. Go west to Geer Canyon road.

Dogs: Not Allowed

Other Dog Friendly Hiking

  • Stone Mountain Lodge Trail – Allowed under voice control (Stone Mountain Lodges guests only).
  • Lyons Gulch (a US Forest trail head on Hwy 36 about 10 mile from Lyons towards Estes Park) – Allowed on Leash.
  • Bohn Park (southeast Lyons) – Allowed under voice control except no dogs on Ball Fields.